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Even Superheroes Cry

On 28 September 2016, a fourteen year old drove into the fence of Townville Elementary School before shooting four students and a teacher. Three days later, six-year-old Jacob Hall passed away from his wounds.

Jacob Hall was given a heroes funeral, laid to rest in his Batman suit and surrounded by family, friends, and members of the community who showed their support and respect, dressed as Superheroes. 

This drawing is my way of honoring the boy who taught us that heroes are not invulnerable. Heroes feel pain and cry out in anger. They bleed and shed tears. Fight and sometimes the forces against them prove to be too overwhelming. 

This is a memorial to Jacob Hall, who showed us that a hero is not defined by whether they win or loose. A hero is someone who inspires and empowers others to live to their fullest potential and to continue moving forward. 

The original drawing was given to to the Hall family through the Townville Volunteer Fire Department. 

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