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My faith has called me to be someone who lives dangerously close to the presence of a powerful and majestic God.  As an artist, I try to infuse the emotions and experiences of this faith into my works of art.

This series of work explores what it is to live out my faith in a world that demands proof and solid evidence.  The main idea behind this series of work is how faith has affected me on the inside contrasted with how I reveal the effect on the surface.  Each self-portrait comes from the struggles that I have faced and the questions that have yet to be answered.

I utilize a number of different techniques in my paintings, from layers of washes of paint for an organic flow to each piece to the use of tape to get the hard edges and geometric shapes that compose the background of each image.  Each image is a self-portrait that has been abstracted to reveal the depth of my faith and how it has affected who I am. 

In my drawings, I have kept the roughness of a sketch, adding to the emotion of a struggle to reveal where I am in my faith.  I have used a dry-brush technique with the white paint in order to bring the drawings off the page.

This series of work is the accumulation of my experience as an artist and as a Christian at Anderson University.

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